5/03/2016 - Level 3b - Quranic Arabic for further learning


Designed for graduates of our Qur'anic Arabic Level 2 course, this course consolidates a basic vocabulary as well as a grasp of fundamental grammatical structures, so that you capable of understanding both spoken and written Arabic.

Where: 92 Preston New Road, Blackburn , Lancashire ,BB2 6BH
Dates: Starting Saturday 5th March 2016.
Times:  From 10am - 1pm

Taught by Ustadh Asim Aqil

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Course Content

  1. Combination of deeper sarf and nahw.
  2. Verb from 1-10
  3. Covering ALL Marfu3aat/mansuubaat/majruraat.
  4. Tawaabi3(covering ta'keed, 3atf,sifah and badal).
  5. Reading through Qisas al nabiyeen.
  6. Focus on i3raab/vocabulary/reflective thinking
  7. Marfuaat will cover-Recap and new content will include different types of khabar
  8. Mansuubaat
  9. Recap of Ism Inna/khabar kaana/Haal/Tamyeez/La Naafiyah till Jins Istithnaa/Munaadaa
  10. Majrooraat will cover and recap idaafah and huruf Al jarr/huruf Al qasam
  11. Classes will include video summaries/powerpoint/assessment
  12. Class activities and worksheets included

Course Prerequisites

Applicants must possess sound reading and writing skills of the Qur’anic Arabic script, or have completed our Quranic Arabic Level 3A course.

All applicants will be assessed prior to entry in the Qur’anic Arabic Programmes.

Costs & Materials

£150 per person for the full course (including  learning materials and resources).

Register 3 friends/family members and get your place for FREE!! (Books not included).