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16/02/2018 - Level 1 - Reading and Writing Quran Text - Liverpool

Utilizing frequently occurring Quranic words, you will develop a basic vocabulary as well as a grasp of fundamental grammatical structures, so that you are capable of understanding and communicating in both spoken and written Arabic.

Where: Al Rahma Mosque, Mulgrave street,Liverpool, L8 2TJ

Commencing Date: Friday 16th February 2018.

Time: 5pm - 8pm

Taught by Sr Asiah Murshid

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  1. Learn how to read and pronounce each letter in the Quran
  2. Learn how to write each letter in the Quran, regardless of its position in a word
  3. Learn some of the basic of Tajweed
  4. Built your confidence in reciting the Quran
Qur'anic Arabic - Level OneWhat you'll learn: Reading and writing the Arabic ScriptLearn how to read Qur'anic Othmani script, basic tajweed, accessing Qur'anic recital, and writing in Arabic. What you'll achieve: By the end of level, the student should be able to read and write Arabic text and Qur'anic script What you'll get: Course packs contain graded steps book ( accessing reading Arabic); two full size posters showing all Arabic Letters, Initial medial, and final positions for all Arabic letters; two writing practice books; and a full set of flash cards.


£6 per hour inclusive of all course material, bespoke resources and certification!!
All those who have not yet registered should do so immediately in order to reserve a place.

Course Pre-requisites

Just a keen willingness to learn.

Costs & Materials

£195 per person for the full course .

Register 3 friends/family members and get your place for FREE!! (Books not included).