06/07/2019 - 9 Day Intensive

on 01 December 2015.

foundations to arabic 2019

The ideal course for introducing Reading and Writing Arabic from complete scratch.

Dates: Saturday 31st Aug - Sunday 8th Sep 2019.
Times:  6 p.m. - 8 p.m Daily

Taught by Amal Murshid

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  1. Students will be able to read and write the Arabic text confidently.
  2. Students will engage with the Quran on a literary level.
  3. Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic vocabulary and be able to write and read it.
  4. Students will have the opportunity to work in teams and groups, cementing and solidifying social circles for after class support.
  5. Students will aim to recite fatihah and key surahs from last juz independentaly and recognise key vowels and diacritics.
  6. Students will be able to demonstrate a knowledge of Arabic script and its writing from dictation.

Cost & Materials

£200 per person for the full course (postage and packaging not included).

Register 3 friends/family members and get your place for FREE!! (Books not included).

What OTI will provide

    1. Specialized book and material.
    2. Pre and Post video summaries of class to aid revision.
    3. Audio material for reinforcement.
    4. PowerPoints & pdfs of all class resources
    5. 1 core Teacher
    6. 20 hours class contact time.
    7. 10 pre class session to recap topic.
    8. 10 post class session to recap topic.
    9. 10 audio files for in car revision.